Day 1                 8 Hour

Indoor Training Facility


Conceal Carry Class Lecture Outline:


  • Firearms Safety Rules


  • Proper Firearm Storage:





  • Basic Principals of Marksmanship:



*Sight Alignment

*Sight Picture

*Trigger Control


  • Firearms Maintenance:

*Safety and Cleaning Protocols

*Cleaning Equipment

*Loading and Unloading



Day 2                           8 hour

Indoor Gun Range Training

  • Instruction of Federal and State Laws relating to:

*Use of Force

*Interaction with Law Enforcement



*Concealed Carry


  • Curriculum Review

Outdoor Gun Range Training


  • Review of Range Safety Rules


  • Pistol Handling Techniques:

*Dry Fire Practice Drills. Handgun Fundamentals

*Dry Fire Practice Drills From Concealment


*Live Fire Practice Drills, Handgun Fundamentals


*Live Fire Qualification With a Concealable Firearm Consisting of a Minimum of 30 Rounds at a B-27 Silhouette Target Approved by Illinois State Police.


Mandatory Firearms Qualification Includes the Following:

*10 Rounds from a Distance of 5 Yard

*10 Rounds From a Distance of 7 Yards

*10 Rounds From a Distance of 10 Yards